Tuesday 6 July 2010

Slow Down

i shot a wedding recently (my first) (as a the main photographer).

it was a great wedding.
there was a lovely atmosphere. the bride and groom are lovely, laid-back people, who just wanted their friends and family to join in a really special day. i think that, for the most part, they got what they wanted.

they even liked the photos.

however: i came away feeling disappointed that i had failed to do my best. there were plenty of shots i had missed, and plenty where i felt that i could have done much better.

what did i do wrong?

i caved to the perceived pressure of the moment.

i felt very powerfully that i only had the bride and groom for a few minutes. i really didn't want to keep them away from their guests for any longer than i had to. what i forgot was that my job was an important part of the day too, and that nobody was going to complain if i took 5 more minutes, or wanted to re-take a shot.

so next time i am shooting - be it a wedding, portrait session, or anything else - i am going to slow down, not worry about what i perceive as pressure, and take as long as i need to take the shot.

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