Saturday 28 February 2009

Shooting in the Dark

when shooting in (really) low light, try this:

  • put your subject between you and the light source
  • if possible, pose the subject to get an interesting silhouette
  • whack up the ISO as high as it will go
  • steady the camera on a tripod / firm surface / whatever
  • take the shot!

the high ISO will introduce texture in the form of noise, so this technique gives you the possibility of getting a shot when there really isn't enough light.

consider introducing motion in the subject (experiment).

there is a every chance that this picture won't come out as a masterpiece, but we're talking about a situation where you have very few options (unless you're going to use flash), so why not take a chance, and ... take the shot!

Friday 27 February 2009

Ideas and Inspiration

my previous post suggested some simple ways to get ideas, inspiration and instruction.

now, you might think that "ideas" and "inspiration" are pretty much the same thing.
they aren't:

ideas are creative building blocks.
things like "ooh i could get the model to stand on her head!" (good luck with that, by the way).

on the other hand, inspiration is much harder to get hold of.

to be inspired means to be given a reason to do something.
you might feel inspired to make a picture of a model standing on her head, but that will only happen because you can somehow see a great picture waiting to be created.

ideas are for the mind
inspiration is for the heart

we need both.
go forth and seek them both out, and ... take the shot!

Thursday 26 February 2009

Listen to a Podcast

this is on the theme of getting ideas, insipiration and instruction.

i listen to TWIP (this week in photograpy), which can be found on the TWIP blog at

but you could:
  • follow an individual photographer whose work you admire - or one whose work you hate
  • join a mailing list
  • make a weekly visit to your nearest art gallery
  • join a photo club
  • read a glossy magazine which has a good photographic reputation

i like just sitting at my desk and clicking "download" once a week, so the podcast works for me, and i do the other things occasionally.
it might work for you, too.

finally: there is no point sitting around listenning to podcasts and reading blogs if you don't get out and ... take the shot!

Tuesday 24 February 2009

Take the Shot (first post)

the best single tip I have to offer is this:

  • take the shot!

if in doubt, press that button.

that's it.

if you don't take the shot, I can guarantee that you won't get a great picture.
if you do take the shot, well ... who knows?